The Common Practice

User Experience (UX) in general, and Information Architecture (IA) in particular are both, primarily, communities of practice (you can read more about the the practice-led field of user experience design in Hobbs, Fenn, and Resmini’s article Maturing a Practice from the Journal of Information Architecture).

In Same New, Same New Livia Labate raises questions around the current state of a discourse and the common practices that make our discipline broader and deeper.


UX is everyone’s job

To quote Austin Govella’s Manifesto, “Designers don’t really design anything. Organizations design everything.” In a less abrupt way Leisa Reichelt said it again with her “There is no UX, there is only UX:)

And to reinforce the idea with one of Austin’s old posts, UX is everyone’s job, not a separate discipline (but a set of disciplines), and definitely not one person’s job.


Institutul Roman de Arhitectura Informatiei – The Romanian Institute of Information Architecture